What’s it like to launch a men’s skincare company?

What’s it like to launch a men’s skincare company?

How it all began

My story is as normal and relatable as any other. I didn’t even notice how my skin has changed through the years until my wife and I went on a drive one afternoon. From the driver’s seat and with my eyes on the road, I could tell she was staring at me. I looked over and saw her deeply studying my skin. 

“You’re forty now, you need to start taking care of your skin. You’re starting to get lines,” she said, once she finally stopped staring at the side of my face. Talk about a hit to the ego! Over the next couple years, I learned that anti-aging starts with the right skincare. But with all the dark colors, matte packaging, and intimidatingly flawless male models, none of the “men’s brands” felt quite right. 

Just a regular dude wanting a balanced, happy life!

Before I knew it, I started skinso to bring a fun, happy, and fresh wave of men’s skincare products. Self-care is for everyone. Men’s mental health matters. Skinso fresh, skinso excited, skinso happy — we’re all on a journey together to look and feel our best every day! We’ve got clean products, bright packaging, and an open, judgement-free community to give both your skin and mind a breath of fresh air. And best of all, we’re supporting men’s mental health awareness by donating a portion of our sales to The Men’s Health Foundation. Their mission, like ours, is to help men live healthier!

A touch of my own

Packaging was a fun one! From nailing our box sizes down to the millimeter, to printing sticker labels at my local office supply store, to making sure we had on-point French translations for our Canada labels, I let my creativity and personality run wild. Although the process was a lot of trial and error, the final product (down to the perfect shade of yellow!) is my personal mix of bright, fun, and happy. 

The fun, the sweat, and the oranges 

You know those studio-lit, perfectly positioned product shots? And those shots with orange droplets perfectly suspended in the air? Boy, was that an action-packed day! Photoshoot weekend started with a massive shopping trip: aloe vera plants, spray paint, and even building blocks from the toy section! From product placement, to action shots, to camera angles, to racing against the sun’s natural light, capturing those perfect shots was no easy task — even for three people! But the final photos made it all worthwhile. And we had so much fun, which is all that matters!

At skinso, we care about your skin and your happiness. Thanks for taking your skincare journey with us! We hope you had fun learning about mine.

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