How a new routine can help elevate your mental health

How a new routine can help elevate your mental health

2020 has been a tough year for a lot of us, introducing new habits can be just what you need to power through.

We can all agree that 2020 isn’t going to be missed, mental health has been a big concern this year and it’s something we at skinso feel strongly about.

Society’s Mental Health has Declined in 2020

According to a study conducted by Boston University on Covid-19’s impact on mental health and wellness, reported rates of depression have tripled since lockdowns and social distancing have been mandated in attempts to flatten the curve. 

Reported depression rates jumped from around 8% from the beginning of 2020 to 24% after a few months of lockdown.

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Another concern of ours at skinso, is that there is a stigma about men not opening up and getting the help they need. In Canada, it’s reported that 4 out of every 5 suicides end up being men.

It’s imperative that in times like these we all take the extra time to take care of our mental health. 

While there are a ton of options out there on how to get help for depression, today we’re going to outline how having new habits and routines can make a big difference in your mental health.

The first step to mental healing is overcoming apathy and committing to change

Many of us have felt the chips getting stacked up against us this year being isolated, separated from family, losing jobs and worrying about financial livelihood. 

The bigger risk than all of this is not necessarily the issues their self, but becoming apathetic to your own situation and “throwing in the towel”, where you don’t even try to help yourself anymore.

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What men experiencing this need to realize, is in order to overcome the feeling of helplessness it starts with their quality of life.

There seems to be a core issue that someone experiences like losing a job, that triggers people to slowly decline with their quality of life day to day. 

That’s where the depression compounds.

If you’re having issues with sleep (oversleeping or lack thereof), having an inability to focus and be productive, lacking confidence in yourself physically or mentally, a lot of these kinds of issues can be attributed to poor lifestyle choices.

What kind of routine can I start to improve my mental health?

If you pair these 3 activities together, you’ll have a new found outlook on your situation and have the resilience to handle whatever life throws at you!

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Hear us out.

1) Get proper sleep (and wake up early!)

Find yourself not getting enough sleep, staying up all hours of the night, and oversleeping through important events? 

Having an irregular sleep cycle is going to wreck just about any plans for structure.

On the other hand if you commit to waking up at 6 am or 7 am every day, you can do a lot more with your time, be more productive and the routine will increase your quality of life, which will also impact your attitude towards handling hardship.

2) Workout daily

Baby steps are underrated, ask anyone who is in great shape and they’ll tell you consistency trumps exertion. 

There isn’t a need to feel overwhelmed, you can take a small step like some jumping jacks in the morning. 

Its about setting the habit more so than how hard you worked out when you’re just getting started.

Doing the hard things like waking up early and working out is what trains you to take care and do the hard things. 

3.) Skincare

Now that you’ve done the hard things like waking up early and getting out of bed before you wanted to and challenged your body physically, it’s time to reward yourself.

Think of skincare as the reward for getting up early and tackling your day. You’re energy levels are high and there’s still the whole day in front of you! 

Treat yourself to one of our skincare sets, you won’t feel so tired and worn down with your new routine and with skinso you’ll look that way too.

Taking care of your skin will make you look younger, fresher and add a glow to your appearance. 


With your new found routine, you’ll find yourself:

  • Having more energy levels and being more productive with your extra time in the day getting up early
  • Feeling better about your physical health will translate to more confidence and grit to handle tough situations
  • Having a new routine with skinso will make you feel rejuvenated and help with your charisma and be able to command your day knowing that you’re glowing with confidence!